Find business success stories in Maine News

August 21, 2018

Maine News – a database in “Maine’s Digital Library” (formerly MARVEL) on the library webpage – offers an extensive, up-to-date collection of major Maine newspapers running articles on business enterprises, and other news, within our state.

Fragrant Lavender, A Growing Crop for Maine Farms” from the BDN, for example, is available free of charge through Maine News.


Borrow nonfiction audio through interlibrary loan

August 15, 2018
Flavor, The Science of our most Neglected Sense. Audiobook cover of large red apple covered with beads of water, on black background.

Flavor, The Science of our most Neglected Sense

The Long Haul audiobook cover picture of tractor-trailer truck driving into the sunset

The Long Haul, A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road

Looking for new audiobooks for research or pleasure? Just open this list and select MSL New Audios; then simply request any titles you wish to borrow via MaineCat.

Student Question: Where can I find Davis’s Drug Guide?

October 2, 2015

Davis's Drug Guide cover with picture of pill bottle


Access an ebook version of Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses under Practice Resources on the EBSCO database Nursing Reference Center.

Search the Minerva catalog on your mobile device

September 1, 2015


Five sample items with links to Minerva mobile:

Creativity, Inc. : Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration [Audio, Interlibrary Loan].
From fear to success : A practical public-speaking guide [Audio, Interlibrary Loan].
Learning to speak Alzheimer’s [Audio, Interlibrary Loan].
Stoned : A doctor’s case for medical marijuana [Print, KVCC].
The patient will see you now : The future of medicine is in your hands [Print, KVCC].

Minerva has a new mobile interface at
Use it to locate titles in the KVCC Library or to borrow from other libraries throughout Maine via interlibrary loan.

Question: Can I link to articles from an EBSCO database?

April 14, 2015

Blog pic

Yes, when you need links for each article in your “references page” – or for any other reason – choose the Permalink option in EBSCO to save a link which points directly to the article.

Borrow books from other libraries

November 18, 2014

Begin at the KVCC Library webpage to submit interlibrary loan requests and borrow books, videos, audiobooks, and music CDs from libraries across Maine: Library > Find > Portal login > Choose KVCC Catalog, under “Library Catalogs” on Library Resources page.



Translate articles into a variety of languages

March 6, 2014

Available for many articles in Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, Green File and other EBSCO databases, select “Choose Language” to translate text into the language of your choice.

Create custom segments in Films on Demand

January 13, 2014


Log into your personal Films on Demand account and create custom-made segments. Add the video to Favorites and select your clip's starting and ending points while playing the program. To access later: re-open the entire video from Favorites; click Segments tab; select “Custom Segments” button.


Student Question: How do I look up a book?

May 15, 2013

Check for printed books, DVDs, and other physical media in the collection by clicking Find on the KVCC Library webpage.

Store research on your iPad

May 2, 2013

Use GoodReader when doing research on your iPad to store and mark up any articles found in the library's EBSCO databases.